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Things To Consider When Looking For Beard Trimmers You should look into several factors when looking for beard trimmers. Rechargeable beard trimmers is the first thing that you should consider if it is rechargeable. Cheap beard trimmers are available in the market but it will die out eve after finishing the job. Buying devices that are using high-quality lithium devices should be the one that you should choose. Beard trimmers that have 4 interchangeable combs is the one that you should choose. It is these different combs that can be sued so that you will be able to achieve the exact length that you want. You also have to make sure that the blades are made from carbon steel in order to ensure a long life. An easy to use but strong devices is what you should get. The cost of the beard trimmers should be also familiar to you. Basically, a trimmer that is cordless would range from $30 to $40 and you will already get a good brand in this price range. The accessories that you will be needing will be included in the trimmers that you are buying. If you also have the extra money, you can buy the most high-end brands which can cost from $50-$60. The next factor that you should also look into is the accessories of the beard trimmer. You make you look good, having a good trimmer is half the job as you will be needing accessories to finish of the job. That is why you should also purchase some straight edge razors. It is by having these razors that you can achieve better look on your chin, neck, and nose. A neater and more clean cut look is what you can get from using these razors. Lubrication should be used sparingly but it is needed to make your blades clean cutter.
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You have to be familiar with the beard trimmer that you are using and you should also consider it. Unlike razors, when you use trimmers, it is better to sue them when they are dry. The moment that you will use your beard trimmer when it is wet, you will make its life much shorter. If you have beard trimmer that has adjustable combs, you can also use it to trim your hair. To get you more advantage, you should make sure that you will clean it very well.
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Now the next thing that you should know is where to buy a beard trimmer. It is in your local mart where you can buy beard trimmers. Different options can be made by you in these stores. You can also purchase online if you want it to be more convenient on your part. Shipping can be at no cost with some of the online shops.

Mission Belt Nears Milestone of 50,000 Poverty-Fighting Kiva Micro-Loans


OREM, Utah — Since 2012, Mission Belt® has funded nearly 50,000 loans through micro-lending partner Kiva, with the milestone to be reached in the coming weeks. As detailed at a dollar from each sale of the no-holes Mission Belt helps fight global poverty by giving hardworking entrepreneurs the tools to become self-sufficient. By delivering a fresh, improved take on an age-old accessory, the Mission Belt has struck a real chord with consumers. By working with peer-to-peer micro-lender Kiva, the company and its customers have helped improve the lives of nearly 50,000 deserving people and their families.

“It’s been an amazing journey, and never more so than right now as we near the milestone of 50,000 Kiva loans,” said Mission Belt co-founder Zac Holzapfel, “We were inspired to create the Mission Belt after seeing how a little support for a friend of ours made such a lasting difference. Since then, we’ve been able to help tens of thousands of other people achieve financial security and independence thanks to our customers and loan partners at Kiva. We’d like to thank everyone who has helped make the Mission Belt such a success. We look forward to lending a hand to many others in the years to come.”

Since its founding in 2005, San Francisco-based non-profit Kiva has facilitated over $800 million in small loans to people all over the world. With repayment rates averaging over 98 percent, the group extends financing to impoverished entrepreneurs to help them get started or grow a business to the next level.

The Mission Belt was created after a personal experience detailed at impressed upon brothers Nate and Zac Holzapfel the potential power of micro-lending. When a mutual friend in Panama was injured and lost his job, the pair helped him set up a transportation business that grew quickly. With a relatively small investment into their friend’s future, the two realized, they had helped him become self-sufficient for life.

Based on a design that is free of holes and allows nearly continuous adjustment, the Mission Belt has since been featured in a number of national news outlets and on the popular television show Shark Tank. With a dollar from the sale of each Mission Belt now contributing to the fight against global poverty and hunger, the accessory has helped people in over 70 countries worldwide.

In the coming weeks, the total number of Mission Belt sponsored loans through Kiva will top 50,000, marking a major milestone for a company that was founded to lend a hand to those in need. Visitors to can learn more about the company, its products, and its mission.

About Mission Belt:
Free of holes and better fitting, the Mission Belt is a fresh take on a classic accessory. A dollar from each purchase helps people all over the world escape poverty and hunger for good.

Source: http://investor.wedbush.com/wedbush/news/read/33276652

How To Discover Great Deals On Jewellery

No issue how you get the jewellery, it is essential to care for your jewellery the appropriate way. Jewelry has a substantial financial value, and most likely implies a whole lot to you also. The below post will provide you some very helpful ideas for maximizing the value from your work and money that is put into purchasing jewellery.

Possessing a great eye to capture the information, and a magnet, are key when you are considering the purchase of any sort of sterling silver jewellery. Use the magnet to detect bogus jewelry actual silver will not be attracted to the magnet, but the less costly metals will. Sterling silver will always be hallmarked with a stamp this sort of as .925, ster. or sterling. If there is no marking on the piece, it could not be sterling silver.

Inquire the jeweler what variety of insurance is offered for your purchase. This is to keep away from any long term complications. If everything ended up to occur you have oneself coated and to stay away from complications with that jeweler in the foreseeable future, they can substitute or fix it for you if you operate into difficulties. There are even some jewelers that will go over the substitution if the piece has been misplaced or stolen.

Avert your jewellery from tarnishing so that it retains looking wonderful. Consider not to use jewellery when you are all around h2o. Drinking water can lead to some metals to get rid of their luster or to become tarnished or rusty. It is wise to area a single coat of clear nail lacquer on jewellery in buy to protect it.

Jewellery that has been cared for nicely above the several years has greater worth than jewellery that has not. Get particular care of people beneficial items of jewelry, and it will pay out off in terms of investment and sentimental benefit. There is a lot far more details obtainable, way too if you carry on educating oneself you will discover how to get even much more from your jewelry.

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Curling Iron: Helping you Achieve that Look The curling irons helps the women to will enable you to achieve the curls that they want which is why this is considered as a wonder tool. But a woman has to be careful with the use of the curling irons because if it is not properly used then the hair will be damaged. Basically, the manner as to how you will make use of the curling irons will depend on the success of the hair style you wish to achieve. There are a lot of tips that you will will enable you to find below that can be of great help in your search for the right curling iron for you. So that you will will enable you to achieve the hair style that you want it is very important that you will will enable you to find the right curling iron for you. For you to will enable you to achieve the hair style that you want, the first step that you should take into consideration is to have high quality curling iron. A curling iron that is made from titanium, ceramic or tourmaline is the best choice. As a matter of fact, a curling iron that is made from two or more of these materials is also a good choice. You will will enable you to find in today’s market a lot of curling irons that are healthy and safe to use. The right size of the barrel is also an important factor that you need to consider when choosing a curling iron. For a barrel that has a size of .75 is highly recommended if the kind of curls that you want to achieve are the springy curls. For people that have hair that are fine and short it is highly recommended that they choose this. The curling irons that has a one inch barrel is a suitable choice for the people that want to have the natural curls achieved. If the cascading waves is what you want to will enable you to achieve then you should make use of the curling irons that has a barrel in the size of 1.5 to 2 inches. When you will buy a curling iron you should keep in mind that it is for the best to choose one that has heat settings that can be adjusted.
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You can actually follow a few tips so that your hair will not be damaged in the process. The first step that you should take before you will make use of the curling irons on your hair is that you should shampoo it first. For you to make use of heat protectant gel or spray on your damp hair is the next step. Blow dry your hair next by having the hair sectioned into small sections. Your curling iron can now be used after this step.What Do You Know About Sales